Nexen Inc/OPTI Canada Inc.

Long Lake Project, Fort McMurray, AB

Streamline Mechanical started work on the Long Lake Project in 2005 installing sewer, water and gas lines as a subcontractor to ATCO Structures Ltd.   At that time, our project workforce comprised 8 workers, including; operators, labourers and plumber/gasfitters.  As the project scope expanded and demands for maintenance services increased, Streamline was successful in obtaining a direct contract with Nexen Inc. (Nexen) Site Wide Shared Services (SWSS) to perform general site maintenance.  During this time we worked with several other contractor companies on-site and successfully completed several projects for Nexen and OPTI Canada Inc. (OPTI).  In May 2008, Streamline had an onsite workforce of 75 employees. Our contract ended in the spring of 2010.

Our work activities associated with the Long Lake Project are listed as follows:

  • Construction of Snow Storage Facility
  • Final grading at water block, steam block, cogen and debottlenecking areas (i.e., drainage, sub-grade preparation, surface gravelling and culvert installation)
  • Water well final grading (i.e., stripping top soil, place compacted clay fill, sub-grade preparation, compacted surface gravel, electrical skid piling, excavation and backfill for underground electrical and well hut installation)
  • Tank farm final grading (i.e., sub grade preparation, surface gravel, preparation for HDPE liner installation and backfill of liner, sump installation and installation of precast concrete containment walls)
  • Truck-out terminal construction (i.e., clay fill compaction, large diameter culvert installation and placement of compacted surface gravel)
  • Excavation and backfill for underground electrical throughout plant site
  • Final grading on well pads
  • Excavation and backfill for concrete foundations
  • Road maintenance, cold mix relay, dust control and snow removal
  • Dewatering
  • Construction of crane pads for heavy lifts
  • Transportation and setup of sea-cans, wash-cars, lunch  and office trailers
  • Maintenance on wash-cars
  • Final grading of total upgrader site: drainage ditch excavation, culvert installation, sub-grade preparation and compacted surface gravelling
  • Installation of concrete holding tanks for sewer and water at wash-cars
  • Excavation for underground electrical services
  • Placement of jersey barriers
  • Gravel hauling
  • Install, clean and service furnaces
  • Install radiant tube heaters
  • Pipe fusion in various locations on site
  • Remove and re-install roof from compressor building in plant
  • General maintenance of trailers and buildings (i.e., leveling, repairing doors, installing new hardware, locks, exhaust fans, repair frozen water/sewer lines, located and repair leaking gas lines, maintain wash cars, etc.)
  • Excavate and repair fire hydrants and post indicator valves
  • Install and remove various lift stations and sewer risers
  • Install exhaust fans in waste treatment plant
  • Mobilize and demobilize trailers, multi unit complexes and camp facilities
  • Constructed wash bay and washed client and contractor vehicles
  • Road and parking lot construction
  • Ditch work – laid sod and installed culverts
  • Snow removal and plumbing services over holiday periods to ensure the site is maintained for when workers return
  • Repairs to vehicles and miscellaneous work by mechanics in shop

Equipment available on site for Earthworks and Maintenance

Sump of Snow Storage Facility

Snow Storage Facility

Snow Removal

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